Rybestos makes an O-ring kit for Chevy 1992 1500 series pick up clutch master cylinder.  Part CMK2953.  Had to order them.  Found ONE place on the we (05-30-2007) that listed it.  Ordered from local parts suppliers.

Chevy Maxx calipers in rear need to be twisted in.

If you buy the Caliper push in tool at Harbor Freight, ($9.99 on sale) the plate it uses will not fit into the caliper housing.  You have to manually hold the caliper to twist it in.  Helps to put caliper on the roter a bit.
LFS - Linux From Scratch

GX110 Dell with Intel Pro 100 network card, PXE boot manager is the NETWORK card not the bios bootmanager.  If it is complaining about cable, it is talking about the RJ-45 jack.

To boot from scsi on this machine I had to swap the controller order to adapters with no id first, then it would boot from SCSI.  This also affected the order of the hard drives for grub also.  Normally IDE would be first, THEN SCSI, but with the BIOS swap the scsi was 0,0 instead.

Table saw cuts burned when cutting bevel

Tuning proceedure to shim the trunions vertically is in Oct 2006 American Woodworker magazine, page 82

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Nikon 2159 18-200 Af-S lense for $649 at ecost.com nikon lense
Rockband Wii guitar will not turn on, no lights.
When using rechargable batteries that are tight, the springs are not strong enought o push them up against the contacts in the battery compartment. use a screwdriver to get the batteries up tight.
Resin Oval plant markers with labels