2:30-6:30 pM 6/27/2009

Williams Lake water temp was 69 degrees. Only one bite in the shallower end of the lake towards Klinks. Worked past island on south side of lake, gets VERY shallow through there but could not see the weeds (like 6-9 feet is all)

we had caught about 3-4 fish by the time we reached below, limited out in the next couple hours working this area

After rounded narrow where tall reeds? come out from south, found deep water in the 50' range (it started before the reeds though) Along the rock cliff there all the way to the end where real weeds come out nearly at the end of the lake it's consistently that deep.

Trolling from those reeds 30' or less off the rock. Keep hiting multiple schools of planter fish at 3-4 colors deep. From 1.2-1.6 mph on fish finder. This was about 7 on the speed idicator of the motor controller.

Moon was up mid afternoon and climbing SW to NW, about 1/4 fading left on moon. Fish were jumping heavy at 7:00pm when we were going in. No insects I could see in the water or in the air.

Used Green Carry with trailing night crawler. Had to set drag very light as they would shake off when the saw the boat since they were small and soft fish.